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Engage and communicate 


Provide your employees with a centralized and intuitive tool to connect as well as manage their HR files and requests.  With ApexiaHR, your HR team is able to quickly share with all employees the latest company news, events, and updates.

Manage leave and HR activities


ApexiaHR provides employees with a centralized and intuitive tool to submit and approve leave requests as well as automate their HR requests and tasks.  With ApexiaHR, your HR team and managers are able at a glance to view leave balances and leave activities for their respective team and for the company.

Process Payroll and Review Withholding

ApexiaHR enables the HR team to easily and quickly run payroll for any given pay period. The management team is able to configure payroll preference for the company as well as the employee. All employees are able to access their current payroll information as well as review and print their paystub. 

Manage your HR with data


ApexiaHR enables the HR team easy to access employee, leave, payroll and attendance reports.  The reports provide access to any data stored in the system and provide HR with robust workforce management. All HR reports are update-to-date and can easily be exported into Excel for further processing.

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